How Effective Is SEO?

    How Effective Is SEO?


    Important! Volga Tigris provides SEO services to clients in different industries. By using the most current best SEO practices, your business website can get higher search engine rankings, thereby increasing users’ chances of clicking on your page after typing in specific queries. According to a study made by NetMarketShare, the first five results on Google get 67% of all the clicks from searchers.

    SEO leads to an improved user experience

    You can use many ways to improve your web page and improve user experience, like creating engaging and relevant content for your site visitors. Use photos, videos, and visual graphics to support the text. Ensure that your page is easy to navigate and it is mobile user friendly to contribute to a better user experience. All this will lead to more clicks, leads, higher conversion rates, and better brand recall by users. All search engines look for content that is reader-friendly, up-to-date, and relevant for their users.

    SEO encourages local users to visit your brick-and-mortar store after conducting a search

    After performing a local search online, many customers will want to visit your physical stores to buy goods and services that solve their problems. A recent study indicates that 81% of buyers first conduct their searches online before heading to the physical store to inquire or purchase.

    You can get more followers on social media because of the results of SEO

    Once your web page ranks higher on search engines, chances are high for more people to interact with your content. They will most likely click on your social media icons and eventually become your engaged social media followers.

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