How SEO Works Step By Step?

    How SEO Works Step By Step?

    Step 1: Formulate a list of keywords. Keywords play a significant role in SEO optimization. You can easily find keywords that your target customers always search for with the help of Google Suggest. Over 90% of search engine queries worldwide are made on Google. Note that long-tail keywords are less competitive than short-tail keywords. We recommend typing different keywords into Google to make a list of 10 keywords.

    Step 2: Assess Google’s first page. Type in the ten keywords into Google and take note of the kind of titles ranking highly. 

    Step 3: Create different and better content. Ensure that you create high-quality and engaging content. With SEO content, you must either create something different or something better than the similar existing content online.

    Step 4: Put a hook into your content. To do this, first, understand why people link to specific pieces of content in your industry to give you an idea of the hook you should use. In 2021, the hook, “Ultimate guides,” is doing well.

    Step 5: Do on-page optimization. Here, use keywords properly to optimize your content for SEO. Use internal links from high authority sites. Utilize keyword-rich URLs and optimize your content for semantic SEO by putting words related to your content’s main keywords.

    Step 6: Optimize for search intent by studying the nature of content that’s ranking highly and write that way too.

    Step 7: Make your content attractive by using videos, illustrative graphs, screenshots, pictures, blog post banners, and other visualization elements in it.

    Step 8: Build links to your content. At Volga Tigris, we can help you do this.

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