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Powerful Instagram Marketing for Business Growth

The popular social media channel Instagram is an effective marketing tool. As the top Instagram ads agency in Dubai, our Instagram advertising services enable you to increase brand awareness, enhance customer engagement and grow sales.

Better Traffic, Leads & Sales

With an amazing monthly user base of more than 1 billion people, Instagram is an unquestioned social media leader, ranking just behind Facebook in terms of active users. Businesses can achieve higher traffic and leads through our strategic Instagram promotion campaigns. Instagram has an array of in-built user-focused features and tools such as Feeds, Stories, Explore tab, IGTV and more. Plus, new features are added regularly. Thus, if you are aiming for better brand awareness, strong brand positioning, enhanced customer engagement, and more traffic & leads, our Instagram marketing can help.

Smart Choice

As an unmatched digital marketing platform, Instagram promotion gives your brand great mileage  whether it is brand engagement, or building a loyal customer base.

Amazing Tools

Instagram has a collection of in-built advertising tools for animation, image creation etc. It allows you to transform still images to gripping videos using templates, special effects, and overlay text.

Engage and Grow

Better engagement with customers is the key to growth. Targeted and optimized Instagram advertising allows businesses to sustain meaningful customer engagement and boost sales.

Unique Marketing Channel

User engagement rates are higher on Instagram than other platforms. This means higher ROI. With easy sharing tools for user-generated content, Instagram is a powerful & versatile marketing channel.

Reap Amazing Benefits

Instagram offers amazing reach with over 1 billion active monthly users. As the second most visited social network, Instagram allows better relationships with customers and prospects. With features that enhance selling possibilities, Instagram is any marketer’s ideal tool. 

Instagram Advertising: Choose your AD Format

Instagram allows you the freedom to choose the ad format of your choice. Different Instagram ads serve different purposes. It is important to have a good idea of the various ad formats so that you can custom-build your campaign based on the same and fulfill your social media goals. The ad formats supported by Instagram include:


An image can convey so much! Usually, a photo or image that is enhanced with a short copy. This ad format is quite popular, and is specifically used if the marketing goal is to enhance brand awareness. This is quite useful when you want to promote products through compelling visuals.  


Who doesn’t like animations? Instagram allows businesses to promote brand and product/service through brief video clips. Instagram videos can have a link to your website, or a call-to-action. They can also contain attractive and inspirational information that encourages clients to purchase your products or services.


Why and when should you use carousel ads? This ad format allows you to stack up multiple images in a single post. Users can scroll through them and gain a better understanding of your brand and products, as well as current offers etc.

This format is preferred if your marketing goal is to inform and inspire your clients.


These are essentially vertical photos and video that grab the attention of your target audience. Stories are highly popular among Instagram users

DMAD can decide the most appropriate format(s) for your Instagram advertising campaign.

Why Instagram Marketing is Important for your Business?

Instagram is a fast growing social media network that uses the power and appeal of visuals to allow users to tell stories in an attractive manner. No business can afford to ignore their target audience and choose to remain disconnected with them. The degree of customer engagement and the intensity of brand promotion decide the success rate of any business. Instagram, a very popular social platform, allows you to script your success story through powerful Instagram marketing campaigns. As the leading social media marketing agency in Dubai, DMAD knows Instagram inside out. We know what works and how to make things work with Instagram. 

We help businesses build brand loyalty and enhance customer engagement using the various advertising tools and features of Instagram. Strategic Instagram marketing enables businesses to significantly increase brand awareness and the level of customer engagement, and through all these generate more leads and achieve appreciable conversions in a hassle-free manner. Instagram can be a great business growth tool for ecommerce firms as it is highly shopping-centric. Make Instagram an essential element of your overall marketing strategy and drive your bottom line.

Solutions for Diverse Businesses Across Industries

DMAD, Dubai’s top digital marketing agency, has enabled business growth through strong brand awareness, customer engagement and lead generation, by harnessing the infinite potential of Instagram. We have been the partner-in-progress for a wide range of businesses across industries.



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Let’s Partner for Success!

Whatever your business is, DMAD can support you in your quest for success and growth. Innovation and creativity being our driving factors, our clients stand to gain immensely from our strategic Instagram marketing solutions.

The Instagram Ad Expert

DMAD is undoubtedly a pioneer in Instagram marketing in Dubai. Driven by technology trends, sharp social media acumen and limitless creativity, we continue to be a leader in Instagram advertising services. Our Instagram solutions are meticulously planned, and are a growth enabler for diverse businesses.


Instagram is a highly popular social media network where people search for brands and products. Using engaging pictures and videos you can promote your brand and products easily through Instagram marketing. It is highly cost-effective.

Yes. It is much cheaper compared to traditional marketing strategies. The exact costs vary according to the scale and objectives of the campaign.

Image ads, Stories ads, Video ads, Carousel ads, Collection ads, Explore ads, Shopping ads, and Reels ads.

DMAD is certainly one of the best Instagram advertising agencies in Dubai. We offer results-driven marketing solutions at competitive rates.