SEO – The rocket fuel for your business

    SEO – The rocket fuel for your business

    You have just invested in a new site. It is often a significant expense! It is also the first step of your web strategy and your SEO for your business. Your site fills you with its design, responsive version, and ergonomics. It is a little pearl of the web version 2020, and you are proud of it. He’s so beautiful, why don’t people go and see him more? If you find your visit statistics too low, it may be because your site is not visible enough. Indeed, it is not enough to have a site to generate traffic. The site is the gateway to several contacts and potential customers. So you have to think about how to get people there. This is where an SEO SEO strategy is important.

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    The billion websites mark was exceeded in September 2020, and more than 800,000 websites continue to be put online daily. In this environment, it is difficult to make yourself understood and improve your visibility within search engines. Your site must comply with the rules of these, constantly evolving, and respond in a relevant way to the various criteria of relevance through SEO.

    In this blog, we will uncover SEO as a rocket fuel of a business that gives its growth and success an exceptional speed.

    What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

    The SEO – search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the techniques that are used to improve the understanding of the theme of a web page by search engines. We then speak of optimization for natural referencing.

    You should know that search engine algorithms take into account around 200 criteria to position and rank a site in the results pages. Optimizing a web page for natural referencing, therefore, means working and adjusting all of these levers around a set of keywords (generally the main keyword and two to three secondary expressions) with relevance. Remember that all these criteria are independent, so they can be worked on separately and on several occasions before achieving sufficient results.

    Goals of SEO

    The primary objective of SEO is the positioning of your pages on the desired set of keywords (which obviously requires thought about the needs of your target customers).

    For this, two levels of actions can be implemented:

    • Referencing “on-site,” which designates internal factors. This is about the optimization of the pages through the various tags, the site contents and their structure, the tree structure, the performances, and other more specific files (sitemap.xml, robots.txt),
    • Referencing “off-site,” which designates external factors. It includes all indirect practices such as net linking (strategy of links pointing to your site) and social presence. This is about developing the visibility of your activity through third-party platforms.

    This blog aims to make you aware of the importance of SEO. The optimization of these different levers is presented in detail in this blog.

    Concrete benefits for your business

    SEO, or natural referencing, is a way to optimize your site so that it obtains better positioning on search engines like Google. Here are some benefits of having an SEO plan for your SME. Optimizing your site for search engines has unparalleled importance. Here’s what your business can gain:

    Increase your visibility among engine results

    Visibility is guaranteed when the page meets specific needs, is optimized for those needs, and has sufficient potential search volume (data collected by Keyword Planner). But don’t forget this rule: Page optimization is not the final action. Remember that our competitors are also constantly working to improve their positioning!

    SEO brings you qualified traffic

    If your pages meet your customers’ expectations, they will likely stay on your site longer, visit more pages, and be interested in your product/service. Some people take it a step further by recommending your content.

    In absolute terms, increasing your traffic is a good thing. What a site should seek first, however, is to increase its qualified traffic. For this, it is necessary to have solid knowledge in SEO in order to position a site on specific requests and related to the activity of the site.

    SEO enhances the user experience of your site

    It’s important to understand what your potential users/customers are looking for. Also, this is not a one-time exercise, as user behavior and expectations can change over time. If they are not able to find what they want on your site or are having a hard time finding it, they may leave your site and not come back sooner than they want. Even Google continued to reinvent how to find and feed search information in SERP, and after understanding what users wanted, it became a response site (because it can find all the information it needs). , The need to actually visit the site diminishes rapidly (SERP yourself).

    Google constantly monitors user behavior, such as the time spent on pages and sites and bounce rates to determine if they had a good experience visiting the site. It’s one of the most important Google ranking factors for SEO and can’t be ignored. Don’t impress users who find their way to your site; even if you put yourself in the top search results for a short period of time, your search rankings will deteriorate over time.

    SEO raises brand awareness

    The higher the display on the relevant SERP, the more eye-catching you need to get and the more awareness you have about your brand, product, or service offering. SEO helps create lasting online topics around your brand and helps your brand become more recognized. With SEO, you can create a definitive and noteworthy brand voice that will help you connect with the demographics of the users you have in mind.

    SEO builds brand trust 

    Being displayed in Google’s top search results means that search engines consider you a source of relevant, useful, and reliable information/content and prioritize you over other current sites. SEO establishes site permissions through a variety of steps, including getting backlinks from other trusted sites in the field, optimizing page content, identifying crawl errors and broken links, and improving the site’s user experience.

    Directing Google users to your site is one thing, but keeping them staying and returning is another. SEO helps you reach all these goals while astonishing your brand’s credibility and credibility. But like most good things, it can’t happen overnight and requires continuous effort on your part.

    Improve your conversion rate

    The SEO strategy also includes thinking about the page transformation model. An optimized page is one that makes it easy to identify the action to be performed. In fact, you can perform many optimizations on behavioral phrases.

    Increase your ROI and your turnover

    SEO leads to the majority of website traffic, which can lead to higher conversions. Whether you invite visitors to your site to buy, subscribe to your newsletter, or share your content on their social media accounts, SEO is leading. SEO is highly quantifiable-Google Analytics provides unique insights into every small action you take and shows what works and what doesn’t. ROI is also important because SEO is cheaper than other digital marketing methods and attracts most visitors to your site.

    A sustainable strategy

    SEO is a long-term job. But its effectiveness is long-lasting, which is its main advantage. Understand that custom optimizations that focus on your needs can only help you deploy your site in the absence of other suspicious techniques. Its effectiveness is not time-limited, and your actions help improve your authority and, therefore, your notoriety.

    Spend less, spend better!

    Following the launch of a new site or a redesign, SMEs have often used up a good part of their marketing budget for the year. It is therefore difficult to invest in Adwords, PPC, Facebook, or other campaigns. In the case of paid campaigns, you have to think about the campaign budget and, often, the budget allocated for the professionals who take care of it. Be careful; this is not to say that PPC and SEA campaigns are not effective! On the contrary, these often offer a faster result than SEO but require a bigger budget. Search engine optimization is your best bet if you are looking to spend less and have longer-term results.

    Stand out from the competition

    On the search engines, the race for the top positions is fierce. Do the exercise: type in keywords that are likely to make your site appear on Google. Don’t cheat using your company name!

    Are you in the top 5 results? No? More probably, your competitors have targeted the same keywords as you and are trying to rank there too. Who will be the winner? It is often the one with the best resources and the best SEO experts like seo company in dubai. Since SMEs often lack the time or knowledge, they rarely work on natural optimization internally, and that’s normal.

    seo company in dubai will be able to help you by evaluating the current condition of your site, the points to be improved and the strategy to be put in place to be competitive on the keywords of your company in order to make you rise in the search results and crush your competitors!

    Improve the credibility of your business

    The majority of people trust Google and are a bit lazy. The better you rank in the search results pages, the more visits you will have. 60% of clicks are made on the first 3 natural results, and 75% of users never go beyond the search results’ first page. Being well positioned also means being better perceived by your potential customers. If you are easy to find, you are automatically more trustworthy.

    Effectively target your markets

    Everyone (or almost) uses the web. However, not everyone uses it in the right way. Finding the right keywords to target your audience can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are too close to your offering. Sometimes it is difficult to take an outside perspective and try to find the perfect search phrase or keyword set to position yourself and meet your customers’ demands. Are you a welder? Do the people who are looking for you use welding or soldering as a search phrase? It is sometimes difficult to find. A seo company in dubai assesses your market, your competition, and your personas in order to appropriately target the words actually used by your potential customers, rather than just relying on instinct.

    Attract more potential customers

    Again, the more visible you are, the more clicks you will get. The more clicks you have, the better your chances of converting visitors into customers. In addition, since the benefits of an SEO plan are sustainable and your website will improve throughout the deployment of your SEO plan, you will have more and more visitors!

    SEO is a sustainable competitive advantage

    Implementing a successful SEO strategy takes a lot of time and a lot of knowledge. This is also why companies tend to call on SEO agencies to manage their SEO. But if you have to invest and spend time on setting up an SEO strategy and its maintenance, all the benefits will be free afterward.

    The advantage of SEO is that it is sustainable. Once your natural referencing has been optimized, it becomes very complicated for a competitor to dislodge you. If it is maintained over time, it is even better because the reputation of your domain name will grow, and it will once again be more difficult to match you.


    More and more companies, nowadays, are aware of the need for SEO, but too few are developing real strategies. SEO is for everyone, including businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. No matter what the activity or size of your organization, you cannot ignore these services. Blind sites are non-living sites.

    When Should You Start Thinking About SEO? Upstream as much as possible. SEO strategies have meaning for your site and, above all, make all your actions relevant. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate from the start of the project and continue throughout the period.

    When should we start thinking about SEO? As far upstream as possible. An SEO strategy will give meaning to your website and, above all, make all of your actions relevant. It must therefore be integrated from the start of the project and continued throughout its duration.

    When creating your website: to build the Architecture and navigation patterns through pages, establishing the internal structure of pages, creating and optimizing content, optimizing all internal elements, and more.

    Before going online: to ensure that no factor will block the indexing of your pages;

    After uploading: to check the correct indexing of your pages, their positioning within the engine results, to identify KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), create audience reports, and adjust actions based on the data collected. This is done across the entire website.


    This is why the battle for positioning is so fierce these days: Everyone wants to rank in the top 10 search results because it is proven that the vast majority of clicks are made on these results. Opting for SEO means choosing a sustainable, free strategy that offers many advantages. To reap the benefits of an SEO plan, you have to get started. The results are not immediate but still fast.

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