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Targeted Social Media Marketing Strategies

Looking to promote your brand in a cost-effective manner? Upset with poor leads and conversions? It’s time you launched an impactful, targeted social media marketing campaign. DMAD is one of the best social media marketing companies in Dubai that will considerably contribute to increasing the visibility of your business and customer loyalty.

Powerful Social Media Strategy

Equally effective for both B2B and B2C communications, social networks are a powerful digital marketing tool.  As the leading social media marketing agency in Dubai, DMAD is fully geared to craft bespoke social media advertising solutions for brand positioning, and better lead generation and sales. Compelling content, creative graphics, engaging videos… We use a strategic mix of multiple elements to power up your social media marketing campaigns. With a dedicated in-house team of digital marketing professionals, we invest quality time, effort, and expertise to build the right social media strategy for you.

Best Strategy

Innovative social media strategy aimed at boosting brand awareness, driving website traffic and growing conversions and sales. Our social media campaigns are designed to perform.

Multi-Platform Campaigns

We craft social media campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat as well as messaging platforms like WhatsApp. 

Content Planning

We plan your content in advance and decide the perfect timing and frequency of publishing so that your social media message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Insightful Analytics

The performance of your social media marketing needs to be monitored regularly. We create analytical reports that help clients achieve better customer engagement and business growth.

Reliable Social Media Marketing Solutions

Social media is unmatched in terms of its wide reach and popularity. With its targeting features, marketers can display ads to the exact audience based on demographics, interests and behaviors.

As the leading Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai, DMAD offers the full spectrum of social media marketing services.

All-in-One Social Media Services

DMAD is one of the most trusted and results-driven social media marketing agencies in Dubai. We take a fully customer-centric and targeted approach to social media marketing with a key focus on brand promotion, customer engagement, lead generation and sales boost. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all concept, and we craft the best strategy for specific social media channels.

A project manager is assigned to ensure the smooth and efficient management of individual client’s social media marketing campaign. Not every social media platform is relevant for all businesses. Depending on the type of products and services and the demographics of the customer base, our expert digital marketing team can identify the social media that matter to the client. Also, the focus and tone of the campaign differs from media to media. With highly optimized content and data-driven strategies, our social media marketing campaigns are sure to succeed and meet all the KPIs. 

Why Social Media Marketing is Important for You?

Social media marketing is a key component of today’s business marketing strategy, and plays a crucial role in ensuring business growth. Whether it is enhanced customer engagement, better brand awareness or improved leads and sales, a winning social media marketing strategy is essential.

Obviously, social media is a cost-effective means to reach new audiences with relevant content, and the degree of your social media engagement has a direct bearing on the authority, trust and personality of your brand. If you have engaging content, and the best plan to distribute the same through social media, you’ve already won half the battle.

Social media holds unmatched branding and marketing potential for businesses owing to its reach and popularity. However, social media landscape and trends, as well as the algorithm, are ever-changing, and only a professional digital marketing agency with the required expertise and experience can harness its full power and deliver the best results.

With a strong focus on engagement and conversion rates and a strong strategy, our social media marketing campaigns are built for success.

Customized Services for Diverse Industries

DMAD is the first choice of companies across industries owing to our digital marketing expertise. We have offered results-driven social media marketing services to diverse industries over the years. With the success of every social media marketing project we have undertaken, we emerge stronger, and our insights get deeper.



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As a pioneering digital marketing agency with a dedicated in-house team of exceptionally talented professionals, DMAD continues to enjoy leadership status in the market. Whatever your business and whatever your goals, we can empower you with our unique solutions.

Why Should You Hire DMAD?

DMAD is a digital marketing agency with a difference. Our service philosophy is focused on quality and excellence. With an innovative approach to social media marketing, we keep ourselves abreast of latest trends and technologies in the social media sector. We guarantee results with our marketing strategies and we consistently deliver success to our clients.


Digital marketing aimed at brand promotion, customer engagement, lead generation etc. using different social media platforms is called social media marketing.

Social media is where businesses can connect with and engage their target audience in a cost-effective manner.  Whether it is enhancing brand awareness or traffic/sales, or promoting sponsored content, social media marketing ensures high ROI.

It all depends on several factors including your audience profile, your products and/or services and the exact marketing goals you pursue.