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Results-driven Telemarketing Services in Dubai

World-class telemarketing services in Dubai using advanced software. Our expert telemarketers are skilled in calling prospects, pre-recorded voicemails, sending professional emails and more. We excel in lead management, call-back management and telemarketing script management.

No.1 Telemarketing Agency

DMAD is one of the top telemarketing companies in Dubai offering reliable and results-driven telemarketing services in Dubai. Our in-house team of subject-expert telemarketers boast extensive experience and skills, and possess commendable professional knowledge about the specific industry sectors they serve. As a technology-driven telemarketing agency providing quality B2B telemarketing services, we ensure the highest ROI for your telemarketing expenditure.

We always keep abreast of technology, and we employ the latest telemarketing software and tools for maximum efficiency. We adopt the best industry practices in telemarketing.

Multi-Lingual Telemarketing Services

We provide multi-lingual telemarketing services. Conversing with prospects in their native languages can create a strong interest in your products.

Telemarketing for Insurance, Healthcare & Banking

We cater to the telemarketing needs of various industry verticals including insurance, banking, healthcare etc. with strategic telemarketing solutions.

Skilled Telemarketers with Domain Expertise

Our telemarketers are trained in diverse industry sectors and products. We have a talent pool of telemarketers with strong multi-domain expertise.

Results-Driven Services

We provide strategic telemarketing services that are characterized by a strong results-driven approach.

Telemarketing for Business Growth

Targeted and results-focused telemarketing from Dubai’s leading telemarketing agency. Boost brand awareness and sales with us.


DMAD’s efficient telemarketing services focus on generating quality leads and boosting sales

We offer great value-addition through our top-class multi-lingual telemarketing services in Dubai

Advanced telemarketing software to streamline the calling process and ensure highest efficiency

Data-driven, measurable telemarketing services with periodic call reports and campaign analysis



Achieve Sales Growth Through Professional Telemarketing

DMAD is a top provider of quality telemarketing services in Dubai. With a dedicated, trained and competent team of experienced telemarketing professionals based in our Dubai office, we are fully geared to offering world-class telemarketing services to businesses of all types. If improving sales is what you are looking for, then outsource your telemarketing to DMAD.

How do we achieve the best results?

We are committed to delivering performance-driven telemarketing services at competitive rates. Our telemarketers are regularly trained in the various technologies and trends in modern telemarketing. They are also required to gain insights into the various industry verticals that they serve. Further, we follow a data-driven telemarketing model. What this essentially means is that we crunch the numbers and analyse all the data so as to assess each of the telemarketing project we undertake. This enables us to identify the strong and weak points in a particular telemarketing project and improve the strategy further.

How DMAD Telemarketing Can Enhance Your Business?

Ranked among the top agencies in Dubai for professional telemarketing services, DMAD is driven by a vision to enable businesses to grow through quality telemarketing outsourcing services. By taking over your telemarketing assignment, you are free to release your resources for your core business functions, focus more on them and achieve success. We have put in place the best strategies for ensuring success. The first step is to clearly define the telemarketing goals. This is very important to steer the whole effort in the most efficient manner. Once the goals are set, we set about studying the buyer/customer persona. This is done through multiple briefing sessions with the client, and through independent research. There is a need to manage cold, warm and hot leads separately. And the basis of the telemarketing campaign is the call script. While our telemarketers have the freedom to take the conversation forward in an engaging manner, however, they are required not to veer away from the telemarketing script. We put a lot of time and thinking to create the most effective script. We don’t call prospects as and when we like to. We identify the best times to call various audience groups.  The most important point is that every call is recorded for learning purposes. The tone, the response to certain phrases and other key aspects are studied to improve the results.

All our telemarketers are encouraged to take notes while calling, and practice as much as possible. We also don’t pressure our staff too much. This is aimed at enhancing the quality and efficiency of the telemarketing project.

Telemarketing for Diverse Industries

DMAD offers top-notch inbound and outbound, B2B and B2C telemarketing services at competitive prices in Dubai catering to diverse industrial verticals. We strive to achieve all your telemarketing goals in the shortest time.

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Partner with DMAD for 100% Success

Be smart, and hire the smartest telemarketing agency in Dubai. Outsource your telemarketing to us, and expect a vigorous rise in quality leads and sales. We offer cold, warm and hot calling services for small and large businesses.

Why To Outsource Your Telemarketing To DMAD?

You need to choose the best telemarketing agency for outsourcing telemarketing. DMAD is your best bet when it comes to outsourcing your telemarketing project. We are experienced in the delivery of successful telemarketing services to diverse industry verticals. We have the best team and resources to achieve results.


Telemarketing is a popular form of marketing the brand, products or services of a business using the medium of telephone or internet. Direct emails are not part of telemarketing.

We provide the full range of telemarketing services including:

  • Cold calling
  • B2B cold calling
  • Real estate cold calling
  • B2C cold calling
  • Inbound telemarketing
  • Outbound telemarketing

DMAD follows the best strategies for telemarketing to ensure its success. We focus on defining clear marketing goals, persona research, efficient script and call recording to ensure the best results for our telemarketing services.

As the leading telemarketing company in Dubai we serve multiple industry verticals including:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Insurance & Financial services
  • Government
  • Nonprofit
  • Publishing